Historical Lists

EL 26 A 13, f. 115v, The Huntington Library, San Marino, California
  1. Seasonal Servius: Zones and the Zodiac in a Virgil Manuscript” by Amanda Gerber
  2. List Between the Lines: Teaching Visualization in Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Canon. Class. Lat. 70” by Amanda Gerber
  3. A List-maker in the Stacks: Photographically illustrated books in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, 1844-1900” by Colin Harris
  4. The Bede Roll for the Church of St. Mary in Sandwich” by Martha Rust
  5. Medieval Lists of the Dead: What Are They and Who Reads Them?” by Laura Moncion
  6. Doers, Listers, and Makers: An Artisanal List in London, British Library Harley MS 541” by Martha Rust
  7. All in the Family: Genealogical Lists in Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Canon. Class. Lat. 9” by Amanda Gerber
  8. The Pleasures and Practicalities of an Itinerary” by Martha Rust
  9. On Islands, Part 1, and…Listology celebrates its first anniversary!” by Martha Rust
  10. On Islands, Part 2” by Martha Rust
  11. Two Lists of Labors in Honor of Labor Day” by Martha Rust
  12. A Garden of Memory and Contemplation in a Distinctio by Peter the Chanter” by Martha Rust
  13. The Politics of Naming: A List by the Wife of Bath” by Martha Rust
  14. A Little Political Listology: Questions for Katie Little” by Katie Little and Listology
  15. Lists of Luxury: Ivory Objects in the Household Inventories of Late Medieval French Nobility” by Katherine Sedovic
  16. The Story of Theatrical Lists” by Kerstin Fest

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