Lists and Objects

London, Victoria & Albert Museum. 1617–1855. Mirror Case. Paris, France, c.1325–50.
Source: © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
  1. Lists as/and Artworks” by Eva von Contzen
  2. A List-maker in the Stacks: Photographically illustrated books in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, 1844-1900” by Colin Harris
  3. 10 Essentials for hiking—and for at least that many stories about hiking” by Martha Rust
  4. Lists of Luxury: Ivory Objects in the Household Inventories of Late Medieval French Nobility” by Katherine Sedovic
  5. The Story of Theatrical Lists” by Kerstin Fest
  6. A List on the work of things” by Martha Rust
  7. Eadward Muybridge’s Animal Locomotion” by Colin Harris

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