Lists and Numbers

Plowing, Los Angeles, J. Paul Getty Museum, Ludwig MS IX.18, f. 5v. Book of Hours (“The Spinola Hours”), made c. 1510-1520 in Bruges and Ghent.
  1. More than Numbers: The Storytelling of Bank Statements. On Namwali Serpell’s Short Story ‘Account’” by Eva von Contzen
  2. The Poetics of Enumeration: Judith Schalansky’s Inventory of Certain Losses” by Eva von Contzen
  3. 10 Essentials for hiking—and for at least that many stories about hiking” by Martha Rust
  4. “‘Seven Lessons from Mister Rogers’: A Listicle Review” by Martha Rust
  5. “‘There are three things…’: Introducing the Numerical Apothegm” by Martha Rust

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